I Fought the Ender Dragon, I Was Overcome

One of the best parts in Minecraft is the big fight at the End, when you take on the Ender Dragon.

In my first few fights with this terrible beast, I was easily overcome. So much so, that I have crafted an epic poem to describe the event, in the style of Homer (you know, the Illiad guy.) Not Homer Simpson. Doh!

Overcome by the Ender Dragon

What phenomena does the dragon contain?
How little we awaken and how much it loves the secrets of the universe
the burned-out vicinity of lonely snow?
Nothing but that love of pencils?
Brings all the penetrates trousers
brings all the entangles warmth,
against the universe like aluminum!
Like pins foreboding in stars in the sky.

Because I love you, love, amid the wind and within the jungle.

But the dragon flaps its wings
and stares at me through cold, purple eyes.
They are unyielding,
And I am overcome.


Published by

Nicole Gaiser

I'm a gamer. You got a problem with that?

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